roars of the tundra. board

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board was the most interesting to make of all ROTT assets, bc investing time in good looking metal and wood is crucial for all medieval/dark fantasy future projects.
for wood i’ve sculpted my own brushes:

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i needed a specific box shape, bc in between there should be a river.
given that, i needed a mechanism, which allowed to open this box in a way, that there is nothing in between.
here is a sketch of this mechanism, i wanted to stylize it to animal paw with claws or something like that:

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but later on i found it excessive, bc it won’t fit the rest on the box, which is just wood with metal frame with no stylization.

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here is mechanism animation imported to godot:
in case you are using CHROME browser, please notice, that this is a VIDEO:

this is the idea of a title screen, where you can see the outside of the box levitating, with carved logo and claw scratches.

but at some point it became clear, that second guy is not interested in this project anymore, so i’ve decided so finish all my visual part and make it cc-0, that means that the name of the game carved on the box i not needed anymore.
given that, i left empty space on outside box textures, so anyone can make their own design and put it there.

this is how the title screen should look like without any cutom box design:

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im making 3d for years, but im still amuzed of the magic of normal maps.
how many details you can put as an illusion of high polycount!
(mechanism on the screenshot is not a part of normal map, its polygonal)

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thank you for reading.

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