roars of the tundra. wolf

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wolf was the first figure textured, and i knew, that wood texture should be sharp and visible from the distance.
i wanted wolf to be dark brown color, and bear made of yellow wood.

so i’ve gathered refs for brown wooden figurines:

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as well as refs of realistic roaring and stylized carved wolves:

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first version of wolf had a placeholder material, which i’ve mentioned in the bear blog post.
its wooden material by nikola3d on deviant art.

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but at first i made spikes instead of fur, so it didn’t look like “carved” figurine.

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changed spikes to curvy fur pieces.

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normal baking process was similar to bear’s one, i’ve separeted all pieces of fur and baked them one by one to separate textures, then merged them together with blender’s “principled shader” addon.

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then i’ve prepared procedural mask for wood texture in blender and baked it to use inside substance painter:

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not going to describe painting process in substance, its just a regular creative process.

baked textures in blender:

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in case you are using CHROME browser, please notice, that this is a VIDEO:

the only thing i want to mention, is that if you’ve read ROTT overall blog post, i was talking about “magical” figures.

i though that glowing runes are going to fit this idea best, and these figurines should become alive at certain points of time.
for example, when player is hovering mouse over it, or clicking on the model, or randomly activates while idle animations.
so this ‘getting alive’ event should be clear and visible to the player, so i’ve decided, that besides glowing runes i want to make some glowing cracks, which would sparkle up for a moment, showing that ‘spirit has entered’ the figure.

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animations made by hand, besides wiggling fur.
blender’s “wiggle bones” addon came in handy.

in case you are using CHROME browser, please notice, that all animations are VIDEOS:

idle1 animation:

idle2 animation:

angry (roar) animation:

appear animation:

disappear animation:

runes animation:

some godot import tests:

in case you are using CHROME browser, please notice, that these are VIDEOS:

than you for reading!

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